Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nicholaus Dustin Tolman
He is getting so big I can't believe it. He is such a good
little boy, We are definitely blessed.

Sleep tight and goodnight
Sweet little angel
Say Cheese

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our summer

We had a awesome Summer. From having Our little Nicholaus to our mini Vacation. It has been a blast.

Keana does the cutest little poses
Kameha wouldn't hold still.

Three out of the five are happy to be here the
other two is questionable

I love that family's are forever.

Barton Springs
Keana enjoying the cold 68 degree water

Chad had to hang onto kameha it was slippery

Grandma Tolman was brave and joined us

Nic is chilling with Grandpa

Nic is so exhausted

Austin river
Keana and Kameha waiting to go play in the river. This is
the river to go tubing down
what a way to end our summer.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nicholaus Dustin Tolman

Nicholaus was born June 4, 2010. He has olive skin and dark hair. He is healthy and loves to sleep. The girls love to hold their little brother, Kameha wonders why he doesn't want to play. Keana is a natural little mother and wants to help all that she can. Chad loves and snuggles with him just like he does with the other two. He is such a good dad. As for me i just love my little family.
Chad holding his little guy.
I love this little man

our new addition to our little family

Kameha thought it was so much fun

Keana Loves her little brother

Friday, March 19, 2010

Well a lot has happened since I last posted, We found out we are having a baby boy and we are naming him Nicholaus Dustin Tolman. I am over 6 1/2 months along and things are great. My official due date is June 16. Keana is loving school and all of her friends, she would rather be at school then at home. She is still in gymnastics and is doing awesome, she is starting to learn to do a back flip. She is my little peace maker in the family. Kameha is getting so big, she is still very stubborn and likes to do what she wants, but is also the biggest snuggle bug in the world and just adores her sister, if she sees Keana crying or sad she will put her arm around her and go ohh baby ohh baby shh. Kameha is a Daddy's girl while Keana is still a Mommy's girl. Chad is doing great in work, and is the best dad in the world. He cant wait to have his little boy. As for me I'm just getting fatter by the day and cant wait for Nicholaus to be born.
Well we just celebrated Kameha's 2nd birthday and
It was a blast. We went to a awesome park and just
let everyone play.
Yeehaa, Lets hope it doesn't break.
I helped Grandpa Tolman come in even
if he didn't want to.

Don't worry mom I'll push you.

They cant wait for the cake, Grandma Knudsen
and I made it all by ourselves. It might not look fancy but
we had a secret ingredient hidden inside.

We got to enjoy a game of ball.

My Sweet little 2 year old

All the kids loved the merry go round,
The adults where getting worn out with it.

Grandma Knudsen, Elise, Kameha and Me
Having a good time on the swing.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

So Daisy gave birth to 10 healthy puppies on Thanksgiving day.
She was giving birth from 4 in the morning to 7:30 at night. WOW!!
Chad and Wayne went out hunting in the morning and heard whimpering under the
house so they went and looked and saw that daisy had just had a puppy
they decided to go do their hunting and then would get Daisy and the
puppy from under the house. When they returned they saw that Daisy had 3 more.
Wayne was the brave man who went under our house and brought Chad the puppy's
Right when they got Daisy and the puppy's settled in the house she gave birth to one more.
They left to come have thanksgiving dinner with the family. Chad decided he wanted to return
and check on daisy and the 5 puppy's. Chads mom wanted to come with him when they got to the house there was 9 puppy's. She then had two more, one sadly was a still born . But that dog sure has her hands full now.

I love that Keana loves her little sister so much.
Kameha was feeling really sick and just wanted Keana to hold her.
she didn't want me or anything else she just
wanted her big sister. so we got them blankets and pillows so they
would be comfortable.

The girls love to sit and read with their daddy.

Amy's Family in Texas for a visit
It was so nice to see the boys and Amy

Friday, November 6, 2009


Yea i am pregnant, and no i have no idea how far along i am all i know is how sick i feel. although the other day keana comes up to me and sees my belly poke out a little and says mom your getting big, and she runs over and puts her head against my belly and told me the baby was screaming her name, and we needed to tell dad so he knew that she could hear the baby it was so cute.


Kameha was our sweet little princess. although she wouldn't keep anything on. Keana was our little ballerina. They had so much fun on Halloween, Keana loved the idea that all you had to say was trick or treat and you got candy.

Chad was awesome for Halloween . The best part was when he went to work like this. It was Hilarious when people he was counseling had never met him before, thought that this was how he usually dressed.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We had a awesome vacation our friends Nic and Ashley came and we went to San Antonio , and lake Travis. I will hopefully get more pictures up soon .
The Alamo
Chad always wanted to see the inside of a cannon

This was awesome we stopped in the town Smith ville and took pictures in front of the house that Sandra Bullock lived in, In the movie hope Floats

Keana and Kameha love snuggling with daddy,especially when
it is bed time and they know daddy will let them stay up because he wants to snuggle.

Yeah this was Easter I just had to put it in, the kids had the
best time we went to a park and had a Easter egg hunt .

Yes I know these are clear back in may but i have not been really by a computer to update so here you go of a little updating. These were back in Utah we went back home for almost three weeks in may it was a blast. It was nice to see family and friends again.

We have our prince and princess, We celebrated there birthday together.

Isn't she just a little doll oh i just love her

It was perfect weather

Keana was a trouper, she did awesome

It was a wonderful hike in Zions Everyone did awesome

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So chad and i have been looking at houses we would like to buy wow we have seen some good ones for a great price. Chad got a new office and it is sweet we both love it. Keana is learning how to spell and can now do mom, dad, Keana, and half of Tolman. She has been a big helper loves to help her mom any way she can. Kameha is the happiest baby ever she decided that the day after she turned one she wanted to walk , she struggled at first but now is going crazy. We had a wonderful Spring break Grandma and Grandpa came down. we went to Sea World and we had the best time the kids did great and loved it. We stayed in the coolest condo ever chad decided that is how we want to build our house. while the grandparents where here we decided to go take pictures and we got some awesome ones. But for the most part we were able to relax and talk.
arriving in Sea World
Lets get Grandma

Chad and Dallas are showing their muscles

Kameha goes everywhere now she loves the stairs

we are waiting for the show to begin,
chad thought it
would be funny to put us in the
splash zone luckily we didn't get wet

I am chasing Kameha on this cool play place in sea world

Eating at the best Mexican restaurant Papasitos

They had a blast in the back of the van.

They love each other

our little princess Keana

WE went to sea world with Grandma and Grandpa we had so much
fun all the kids really miss them

Isn't my little Kameha a little doll

Taking pictures in the blue bonnets
For every one wanting up dates and pic. of Cindy's family here you go aren't they adorable.
They are happy here.

Cindy and Wayne's little ones